Our Story
When I met Darren

Darren and I remember the day we met slightly differently. September 18, 2014 was a warm, sunlit afternoon at Columbus' climbing wall. My attention was on my little sister climbing above and my pups anchored to the tree behind me. I saw a very handsome, dark-haired man walk over and pet Argos and Ithaca. I had never seen him at any of the climbing spots before. I smiled at him and I went about my day.

It wasn't until a couple weeks later when I saw Darren again at the climbing wall. He and his friends started climbing more frequently. What started out as cordial "hellos" quickly evolved into a genuine friendship. Darren and I became a part of a close-knit group of climbers who wanted nothing more than to run to the cliffs and climb the days away. From our first group trip to Red River Gorge, I was spellbound by Darren. He was slightly reserved in comparison to the rest of our boisterous group. I found myself hanging on his every word- laughing at his witty remarks- getting butterflies whenever he looked my way. The entire ride home from our first trip, I leaned forward from the back seat to talk to Darren.

Over the next several months, no amount of time with Darren was enough. Climbing at the wall, bringing him soup when he was sick, and then finally- one night at a friend's party, Darren kissed me on the cheek. Intrigue turned to admiration; admiration turned to love and about six months after our first official date, I knew I had met my person. Soooo… when the man I've been praying for since I was 8 asked me to marry him- it was a resounding yes! Or more so, I cried for 10 minutes - almost smacked the ring out of Darren's hand and THEN I said, "yes."

When I Met Sarah

Caught off guard and feelings ablaze, my eyes were summoned by this woman who stood alongside the climbing wall at a local park. I was immediately drawn in by her presence, captivated by her impeccable grace and vibrant smile.

To calm my delirium, I dismissed myself from climbing and took company with two beautiful greyhounds as they lie away from the sun, resting at a near distance from the park's activities. While hoping to emulate their peaceful sensibilities, I raised my head to find Sarah smiling, approaching us with lustrous eyes and long dark hair. Overcome by her unexpected presence and unaware that the pups I sat with were Sarah's loving fur-children, I stood in reverence and greeted her. We shared a brief jovial exchange before politely parting ways. No sooner beyond each other's sight, I felt a desire to return to the spot with the dogs where Sarah and I had just met.

To my good fortune, we crossed paths again and again in the following months. The park was rich with kindred spirits and several mutual friendships arose late that summer that had helped form Sarah and my friendly acquaintance.

My admiration for Sarah continuously grew and it was quickly apparent that I had found my best friend. From the moment we first parted ways in the park and each moment since I miss her when she's not near. The light-hearted kindness and unrestrained laughter that surrounded our friendship laid the foundation for an exceptional love of each other.

Sarah's glee, intellect, and warmth are intrinsic qualities that continually capture me. I have asked for her hand in marriage, to continue our lives united and to give her my love. She accepted, nourishing me with love amplified. October 8th, 2017 is our date of promise, to celebrate and share our love and the happiness of life with all of you; and we couldn't be more thrilled.

The Wedding

Sunday, October 8, 2017
12:30 PM
Attire: P.S. The ceremony will be in a field; choose your footwear accordingly! :)
Ceremony and Reception
Highbanks Metro Park (The Mansion Shelter)
9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH 43035, USA

Once you reach Highbanks Metro Park, take the second road on the right. The Mansion Shelter parking lot will be on the right side of this side road. There are also signs that direct you to the Mansion shelter.